Commercial Real Estate Consulting & Engagement

Why We Are Different

We are different than most Realtors® and fill an important strategic function they do not cover.  Realtors® are typically sales/task oriented and there is nothing wrong with that.  Their value to an employer is the level of commissions they generate for the “house”.  However, in some cases, their value to the employer may conflict with the goals of their client.  During our careers our worth to employers and clients alike has always been the same; it’s the Value of the spot-on Advice we dispense. 

During that time we have worked with some of the best names in the business including Matlow / Kennedy Corporation, Omni Funding Group, Kelly Capital / 1st Commercial Corporation, Kaufman & Broad Multi-Housing Group, Pankow Development and private equity firm, Kelly Capital, to name a few. 

What we can do for you

Today, we use that experience to advise independent businesses on the real estate component of their enterprise in order to get the economic/financial weight of the real estate asset working for them, not against them. Now, discerning businesses have an advocate with Private Equity / Mergers and Acquisition experience to guide them in making excellent real estate decisions.  Often, real estate issues take a back seat to other aspects of the business planning process, negatively affecting the business’ future performance. Another unique benefit of our services is the cost.  We can deliver services for FREE if we are involved in a related lease negotiation or sale transaction where a success fee is paid; often by an unrelated third party. Receiving top-quality real estate advice from a real estate advisor to Private Equity, for Free, is extremely compelling.

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